Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the beginning....

So here's our space on the web! I have to admit, the idea wasn't completely mine. One of my best friends, Brandy, who just received her stem cell transplant after her second go-round with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, has had a blog for some time. I have LOVED being able to access it and see from Denver what is going on in Houston. So I thought I'd give it a try. Not that we are SO exciting that you will want to check in daily, but since we live far from many family members and good friends that we care for and miss often, it's a good way to see what is happening out here in the "thin air". And since I never actually did become Diane Sawyer or Cokie Roberts, it'll give me a chance to flex my writing skills!

Currently life in the Howard household is calm. Unless your name is Connor and you are in love with life! Just to recap, I am a full-time Mom to my sweet boy and also a part-time insurance agent working with my Dad and older brother Chris. I also sell Mary Kay Cosmetics as well. Bill is a Vice-President of Bamking at Northern Trust Bank and must travel MANY miles each day from our home to downtown Denver. Connor is now 6 years old and in kindergarten, he is doing VERY well and loves his classmates very much! We also have our two pups, Chase my Aussie, is 9 and Abby is Connor's lab mix and is 3. We live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, a suburb south of Denver. Yes, I am just a few short blocks from the high school I desperately ran from when I was done- funny how life works out, huh?

We will share pictures of our life and also update you on the ever exciting details...stay tuned!

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