Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Fathers are amazing, they are so much different than Mothers, there are the obvious differences of course. But for me and my my Dad and my husband, they seem to be a heck of a lot calmer! And funnier!

My Dad's sense of humor is world famous these days and has kept the four of us in stitches all our lives and my Mother just rolling her eyes. They say women tend to marry men like their Fathers and I most definitely did! Bill is calm like my Dad, deep in thought and smart like him, loves baseball and makes me laugh like no one else! But the best part is that I see how much he loves our children, each in their own way. Just like my Dad does. I am not sure exactly how he managed to keep all of the feelings for each of the four us different, but he did.

I remember he called my older brother "pal" and me "kid". I loved being called that, I loved that my Dad had his own pet name for me. My Mom said it began at birth because I was pretty sick and in the NICU that all through my childhood he had a hard time punishing me or saying no, because all he could remember was that I was that sick little baby. Even though I was probably throwing some giant fit because I didn't get my way. But all I remember and all I still know is the love I have felt.

A few years ago I had gone through MANY trials and although my Mother always loved me, my Dad was always there, no matter what. He always has been, whether it was a tennis match, a swim meet, walking me down the aisle (telling jokes of course) or holding my newborn daughter. Now he loves my son very much, that I know, but he adores Punky. When she was a newborn he actually argued with my Mom about who got to hold her first!

And those are all the things I see in Bill as a Father, the pure love and joy he has for his kids. Watching Connor run to meet him at the train everyday and Regan's open arms when she sees him. He is their Daddy and I know they will go to him for advise, just as I did/do with my Dad and I know he will give it with love and humor, as only these two wonderful men can!

Happy Father's Day Billy! And Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you both dearly!

Love Always, Melinda

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Estes Park!

This past Saturday we decided to take a family trip up to Estes Park. I hadn't been there since early May and it was a bit cold & windy that day! And Bill had never been there. So after Connor's swim lessons we drove up (by way of Northglenn where the closet Cracker Barrel exists!). We walked around a path near the golf course right off of Lake Estes. The big attraction were the Elk lounging and grazing on the course and this is common practice for the Elk of the town. They get to go more places than my own dogs would be allowed!

We also drove up near the Stanley Hotel, very beautiful, but CREEPYYY!! We also took in the scenery around us, the spectacular mountains and the beautiful wildflowers. All I could think of was how blessed I felt to live in such a beautiful place! We tried to drive into town and park so we could walk around the shops, but it was a weekend and there were many things going on around town. So we decided to go up again on a weekday where we could park and also do a bit of hiking in the park. But it was a nice diversion from the chaos of life as of late for us.

See ya,

Billy's Birthday and those kooky kids...

We tend to have low key birthdays here. Well I personally like (and so does Connor) a big deal made out of my birthday, but Bill is more of a low key guy than I am. Which is probably why the two of work so well together!

So this year it was just the four of us! We had grilled steak (my husband is turning into quite the suburban grill master) and potatoes. Followed by presents and birthday cake, even little Punk got a taste, which she loved. She also managed to squish into her hair causing the bananas previously squished in to get even worse! So she had to have a bit of "shampoo" afterwards.

These are some pictures from that night and few others- Regan is trying to dismantle Connor's train setup and he didn't get too upset..... She is crawling everywhere, pulling up and beginning to cruise around the furniture. And talking up a storm, which is always bittersweet for me since Connor talked a little, but then stopped by this age. Hard for me not to think I should have done something right then! Anyway, she is too cute and he loves her dearly...

Happy birthday Babe!