Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Billy's Birthday and those kooky kids...

We tend to have low key birthdays here. Well I personally like (and so does Connor) a big deal made out of my birthday, but Bill is more of a low key guy than I am. Which is probably why the two of work so well together!

So this year it was just the four of us! We had grilled steak (my husband is turning into quite the suburban grill master) and potatoes. Followed by presents and birthday cake, even little Punk got a taste, which she loved. She also managed to squish into her hair causing the bananas previously squished in to get even worse! So she had to have a bit of "shampoo" afterwards.

These are some pictures from that night and few others- Regan is trying to dismantle Connor's train setup and he didn't get too upset..... She is crawling everywhere, pulling up and beginning to cruise around the furniture. And talking up a storm, which is always bittersweet for me since Connor talked a little, but then stopped by this age. Hard for me not to think I should have done something right then! Anyway, she is too cute and he loves her dearly...

Happy birthday Babe!

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