Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer and swimming..

Summer is HERE! Thank goodness for the warmth of the sun and the time together! I decided it was time to leave my job at our church St. Andrew and my last day was last Thursday, so I get to be home with both of my kids and just be a Mom for the summer. I am still working from home with my Dad, which will amp up a bit more now that I only have ONE job! I am sure I will look for something in the future, but for now I think I need to stay home with Punky and do what I had always planned and what I had done with Connor, be a Mom!

Connor has started swimming lessons, this is his first set of lessons. We have always done tball or baseball in the past and the swim lessons filled up SO fast- all week except Saturdays! So we decided that our little math & science wiz wasn't as into baseball as we had hoped, he loves to watch with us and to play catch with his Daddy, but isn't into being on a team. A bit sad for us, but I'd rather have him happy with what he loves to do than force the issue. So he started lessons this past Saturday and had a great time! He will take them all summer and I am so glad that he will begin to become safer in the water that he already loves to be in!

My Mom also helped me plant some flower pots for our front porch and back deck. I only had one flower pot last summer, because I knew that by the time Regan was born in late July I would never water again. I love flowers- to LOOK at flowers, but I did not get the love of gardening that my Mom and sister have. I don't like to get dirty! We also enjoyed some time outside with the kids and let Punk explore the deck until she dumped the dogs water bowl on herself! This is going to be a great summer!

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