Thursday, June 19, 2008

Small bone to pick...

Ok I am so incensed by something I read in a parenting magazine today and I think Bill is VERY sick of listening to me rant on, that I am turning to my blogger public to (hopefully) finish my rant!

I read an article today about things the "pros" in your life would want you to know about, people like your doctor, your daycare provider, your babysitter, etc. Most of the things these people said made perfect sense to me, but the one comment by the teacher has made me livid! This person, who did not want to be identified, said that just as parents have preferred teachers, teachers also have preferred families. Which I can understand, we are all human and get along better with some people that we do with others, but the next comment???? Oh please! This teacher said that parents should email their child's teacher at the beginning of the school year asking the teacher to provide the parent with a wish-list of things the parent could provide the teacher with during the school year and that this would help your family become a "preferred family"! So last fall when Connor started kindergarten and I had to pay almost $100 for required school supplies that are no longer covered by our taxes (and the cost goes up every year) I am also supposed to BRIBE his teacher so she does her job and treats my son and my family with respect???? SERIOUSLY???

Ok I recognize that I am a tad hormonal right now, but REALLY??? Now we have to buy things for every teacher our child has so the next child doesn't get penalized for having the same last name??? I am sorry, but I am a little preoccupied with paying for food, gas, clothing and medical bills so my child can LIVE, but now I should pay the teacher off so she/he'll do the job they signed up to do in the first place????

I know that I do not possess the gifts/skills it requires to be a teacher. I am not very patient with my own child and I was constantly amazed at the patience Connor's teachers and therapists have shown, so maybe I am speaking out of turn. So please speak up and tell me I am not wrong here!

See? I feel much better now!


Spidey's new friend....

Ok, so it's summer and I am getting more pregnant by the minute and becoming a boring Mom. But my son has an incredible imagination! Today I was very tired and this is what happens when you tell your Mom you are playing in your room, but sneak in to watch tv anyway. He found a channel, Jetix, that shows superhero cartoons, like Power Rangers and of course Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. So as I am waddling to the bathroom (AGAIN) he comes downstairs without saying a word with his shirt pulled over his head making some weird noise. And when I asked him what he was doing, he said nothing except to point his hands at me and make some other weird noise. Finally after walking around for a few minutes making the noise, he stopped and put the shirt back on normally and said "What happened? Who was here?" Turns out he was being Ice Man. Now of course I flashed to Val Kilmer's killer smile in Top Gun, but seriously get real Mom, Ice Man is one of Spiderman's amazing friends. I just thought this whole things was hilarious and totally Connor and had to record it and post it for all to see!
I guess we'll be back to practicing our handwriting today. I never understood why my Mother didn't LOVE having all 4 of us home everyday, all day during the summer? Now I get it.... Thank God Vacation Bible School starts next week!
See ya,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Season, First Game, Let's play two!

Baseball Ready! Catching Duties

Swings Right, Swings Left

Posted by Billy

I have been told by Connor's Occupational Therapist that he believes Connor is going to be a scientist, mathematician and things like that. I thought he was going to be a baseball player, get into the major leagues, make a boat load of money and help his pops retire-comfortably!

Better laid plans, it is said. Currently, baseball for Connor is a social event, he goofs around, he hits someone with his hat, he laughs while running to first. (there is no laughing in baseball - or is there?). I decided not to coach this year since Melinda is with child and the due date is near.
It has been a treat to see my son play baseball from a different perspective this year. He actually listens to the coaches, enjoys doing the different baseball drills and supports the other players by shouting, what only kids can do, words of confidence and rhyme for the player at bat, "go Hunter go, go Hunter go!"

So, if my son does not make it into the big leagues, I'm okay with that. I have learned the past couple of weeks, that what we are teaching him is paying off. He is respectful, listens and most of all, he is having fun!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Daddy's birthday and balloons...

Yesterday was Billy's birthday. It was a mellow birthday, we had a BBQ and my parents came over to help us celebrate. But the best part of the day was Connor's pure enthusiasm and joy at making Daddy's party "the best birthday ever!" He had planned it all out, we went and bought food and a cake mix, went to the party store for balloons, got a great cards and an iTunes gift card and lastly made "happy birthday" signs for the house. He even planned out the party, which I am afraid included party games. What adult doesn't want to hit a pinata??? Then we made a chocolate cake, which not only had sprinkles on top, but sprinkles in between the layers as well. It looked like a giant cupcake! We didn't end up playing any party games, but he couldn't wait until the night was over and he could take the balloons down and play with them. They, of course, ended being Spiderman goo and then I think he pretended they had something to do with The Hulk. Whatever it was, it was so cute to watch him play. What a great birthday for Daddy!

On a side note, I am 33 weeks along. And the c-section is scheduled 6 weeks from this coming Monday. Or as Bill says, 45 days and a wake-up! Everything is going along well, except that I have reached the uncomfortable stage. I am not quite to the extremely uncomfortable stage yet, I am sure I will be there in the next two weeks. For now, I am having fun with Connor. Billy and I have almost finished our "to-do list", all that is left is Regan's room. The crib is up and there are clothes and toys all over. Next week we (and when I say "we" I mean Billy) are going to paint and hopefully find a dresser to put all those hundreds of pink clothes in! We are getting excited and a tad bit terrified at the prospect of another child- but hopefully by the time July 28th at 7:15am rolls around we'll be ready!!!!

See ya,


Monday, June 9, 2008

Riding the bike...

This past few weeks, Connor, who has never been terribly interested in riding his bike, has suddenly gotten very into it. He still needs his training wheels, because currently he is riding up and down the sidewalk on our street. And when he goes to my Mom's house (they live on a very kid friendly cul-de-sac) Abby gets to be with him and she follows him up and down the street. I am not sure if any of you have read the "Henry and Mudge" series, but we have read ALL of them. Henry is a little boy, an only child, who desperately wants a brother or sister. His parents instead settle for a puppy- one that grows into a bull-mastiff! His name is Mudge. Anyway, Connor loves these books and we read one practically every night. So he and Abby look like Henry and Mudge as she follows him dutifully as he rides his bike up and down the street. I would let her do that on our street, but it can get busy and I just don't trust her all that much, yet.

And of course he has his Spidey bike helmet too. Don't you think it is so strange when you find yourself doing ALL of the things you said you would never do as a parent before you had kids to even worry about?? I remember when bike helmets were just coming around for little kids and I always said I would never make my kids where a dorky helmet- after all my brains survived learning to ride a bike! I am not so sure they survived Wednesdays at Danny's & Tooties during my senior year of college, but that is really another story, one for when my kids are about 30. Anyway, it is a totally different story when the brains that could be splattered all over the asphalt suddenly come from the child you gave birth to. Amazing, wonder what I will be like when my daughter comes and tells me she just tattooed herself. OOOOHHHH that will be a hypocritical day for Melinda....

And lastly, this is my rose bush. Now I am not at all a gardener. I normally plant and water things only as my Mother and sister direct me. I have no green thumb. In fact my Mom sometimes has to take my only two house plants to her house to nurse them back to health. I am surprised she doesn't make me sign a contract before she gives them back. But this bush I bought for $5 our first summer here and now it is HUGE! It only blooms once a summer, so I have to enjoy now. So proud of my skills...

See ya, Melinda