Thursday, July 31, 2008

Regan is home!

We finally made it home!!! And back to our ability to post pictures on our blog. Both Regan and I were discharged this morning. She is doing well, her arm is healing nicely. And as you can see in some of the pictures below, her cast is almost as big as her whole body!!! Her weight has dropped to 7lbs 1oz from the original 7lbs 8oz and she looks SO tiny! Everyone keeps pointing out that a seven pounder is really not that little, but to my family it is VERY small! Connor was 8lbs 11.5 oz, my nephew was 9lbs 13oz and my Mom and my Grandma had 8 1/2 to 10 lb babies, so Regan is SMALL! So far she has been a great eater and sleeper, passed her hearing test and will make her first doctor's visit tomorrow morning.

I am also doing well. The pain is getting better and I keep on walking as much as I can. I am not sure we will be doing laps at the mall like we did with Connor, but definitely around our neighborhood. Skyridge was a great place to have this baby. Aside from Regan's broken wing, everything when so well. The doctors and nurses were fantastic and I am so grateful for all of that. And the OB that discharged me today saw my Pi Phi tattoo and told me she was a Pi Phi from Montana State!!! Very cool!

We had a lot of visitors at the hospital, my family of course, including my sister, Emily who flew in from Spokane. Em is now 25 weeks along, so she is up next! My good friends Susie and Kayla also came and we got so many beautiful flowers! I even got a wonderful phone call from one of my good friends from college, Molly. It was great to talk to her!

Connor seems to be adjusting well. He had a slightly stressful time away from us and I know he is glad we are all together again. But my Mom loves him so much and is so patient with him, it made that easier on Bill and I. He has been so excited to help with Regan, from diapering to feeding. And I was in the kitchen getting a drink and heard him singing a SpongeBob song to Regan, so very sweet. He also read her a story as well.

The dogs are still trying to figure out what is going on. Chase is a little interested, I think he is just glad that I am home. Abby is a little more nervous, she keeps whining and staring at Regan. It will take some time for us all to adjust to the new situation.

We will still keep our gmail account for a while, so you can reach us there or at our individual comcast addresses. Bill is home until August 14th (thank GOD!) so he will be able to take Connor for his first day of first grade!!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and wonderful thoughts both during my pregnancy and Regan's birth. We are so grateful for all of our friends and family!

All ready to go! See the size of my cast??

Abby is trying to figure out who this little one is...

Connor and Gus with Regan Auntie Em getting back into bottle duty

Susie is a natural So is Kayla!

Mommy and baby are ready to go home!

We'll keep you posted!

See ya, Melinda, Bill, Connor and Regan!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waiting for Regan...

IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!!! I know, less than 24 hours until she is born, but we managed to actually get the baby's room finished!!! Well, almost finished anyway! I figured my Mom had done enough sewing and babysitting this summer, so we are going to wait to finish the curtains. But she did a wonderful job making all of the bedding and the pillows for the rocking chair. Thank God she can sew, other wise I would have had to break down and buy a nursery set. I just could not find anything that really appealed to me! So here it is, Regan's room...

We went with cranberry and white instead of all pink. But she is going to share the Pooh Bear mobile from Connor's nursery.

Big brother is ready to go!

Connor finally has someone sleeping in the room next to him. I feel so good- our house will be almost full! Just leaves the guest room in case anyone wants to use it!

I thought I had gotten a good picture of the dresser, but guess not.

Well, we will see you on the flip side of this pregnancy, when our little girl is finally here! Wish me luck!

See ya, Melinda

Big brother day!!!

Tomorrow Connor is going to have to begin to share the spotlight in our family. So in light of all of that we celebrated "big brother day" Saturday after he finished his last baseball game of the summer. We went to Red Robin for hamburgers and video games. And we gave him a "big brother starter kit" too. He got his official big brother shirt, some books to read, a camera to record his images of the baby's birthday and (of course) a Spidey transformer car! We had a really good time together and I think he is ready to go!

I think he is going to do a great job of being a big brother!

See ya, Melinda

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer can't be over yet???

I can't believe baseball season is over! Ok well, little league baseball season is over anyway! Last night was Connor's last practice for the season and also the team's pizza party. The team's last game is this Saturday, but I am personally grateful they decided against having the party after the game- not sure I would have made it!

Normally Bill handles practice every week, but he had a work event to attend. A "work" event that just happened to be in a skybox at Coors Field watching the Dodgers pummel our Rockies. Life is rough all over I guess! So as he is sitting in the lap of luxury eating a $10 hot dog, I get to drag my SEVERELY pregnant self to practice in 95 degree heat! Ah, for the love of my son....

After practice the team headed to Cici's Pizza for a party. Which was quite fun I thought- hot, but fun. I got to talk with one of Connor's classmates parents for a while. You know the people you say 'hi' to as you are all picking up your kids, but never manage to ask them their names?? Well, I finally got their names and had a nice time talking with them.

Coaches Joe and Mike handed out trophies to all the kids (yes Mother and Father- TROPHIES just for showing up!). I am not sure if I should take offense or take it as a compliment when Coach Joe said that Connor always took an interesting spin on baseball?? Oh well, my son may not be the next Holliday, but he makes life interesting! Maybe next year we'll try soccer....

Connor with Coach Joe and Coach Mike

Connor and his baseball pal Jack

And on to the topic of the month, for me anyway... I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday and got all of my questions answered. And my sweet doctor appreciated all of those questions too! We are still scheduled for next Monday at 7:15am. The baby has managed to stay breech throughout the pregnancy, guess she wanted to be just like her big brother!

Other than normal house cleaning and packing my hospital stuff, we are ready to go. This week will be low-key since it is still very hot and I have run out of breathing room! Connor has school registration tomorrow and we have been given the GIANT list of school supplies to purchase this year. Saturday is Connor's last game and then Bill, Connor & I will celebrate what we have dubbed "big brother day". We are taking Connor out for arcade games and dinner in celebration of his role in the baby's life. He is very excited- for big brother day anyway. Oh and for the sleepover he gets to have at his Da & Gus' house next week.

My sister will be in town next Wednesday and we are all so excited to see her. She is coming alone this trip, Declan and Bryce will stay in Spokane. She is due November 4th, so I am sure she will appreciate the break. And yes, my birthday is next Friday, if all goes well I will be home just in time to see crow's feet appear right as I turn 35! Hey, at least I met my latest goal which was to have this child BEFORE I turn 35- so it's only 4 days! I think our big celebration will be take-out and midnight feedings!

Anyway, hope you are all staying cool.

See ya, Melinda

Monday, July 21, 2008

Stop junk mail, save some trees...

I added two links to our site. Ones that I think are very important for all of us! After you switch from plastic grocery bags to reusable canvas bags, have stopped driving so much and recycle anything you can, there is one more area to conquer- your mailbox!! Junk mail is SUCH a waste and how much do you actually look at it???

The links I have added are to stop your catalogs, coupons and flyers that get sent to you everyday. There is also a link to stop credit card offers- which may help your credit rating as well! Please click on them and STOP THE JUNK MAIL!!!!

Americans get enough junk mail every year to deforest Rocky Mountain National Park every FOUR MONTHS! Give it a try...

See ya, Melinda

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sibling Class and the firestation...

This past Saturday Connor took a "sibling preparation class" at the hospital where the baby will be born. We thought it would be a good idea since he has really no concept of what having a baby around would be like, but then again what kid does? Anyway, the class was an hour long and had all boys in it. It was also nice to see another couple with a six-year old just now having a second child, apparently we are not the only ones who waited a while!

The class was broken into two parts- the first the teacher the kids how to hold a baby, how to give a bottle and how to swaddle the baby. Connor did very well and seemed to know all the answers (well it was between him and the other 6 year old!). Then we took a kid-friendly tour of the labor and delivery floor. The best part was seeing a newborn through the glass in the nursery! The nurse brought the baby up to the glass so all the kids could see. The main comment was how "red" the baby looked. We also got to see a labor & delivery room and of course I started to feel faint at the sight of it! I am such a wimp when it comes to medical stuff. I mean having dinner at my Mom's house with my sister and brother-in-law (who is a physician) is very disturbing for me. They will actually talk about disgusting medical procedures right there over the chicken! I can barely wipe Connor's nose! Anyway, I made it through that part of the tour, even though I had to stand in the hallway through most of it.

And the end of the class all of the kids were given a surgical cap, gloves and a mask. Which of course Connor LOVED! The teacher told all of the kids to go home and take care of their Moms. Which is exactly what happened! That afternoon Dr. Connor took very good care of me, I had an ultrasound and three surgeries, right there on the couch! And Bill had a brain transplant, although Connor was worried because the new brain appeared to be "itchy". Hopefully that won't impede the man's ability to deal with the millionaires money in the future.

Connor in his surgical gear

On Sunday we were invited to our neighbor, Josh's birthday party. Josh turned 3 and he and Connor get along very well. So it was very sweet of them to invite us as well. Josh's Mom, Teri, had scheduled a tour of the local firestation- which was very cool for Connor. He is so mechanical and has to know how everything works. He loved getting up into the firetruck and touching everything they would let him touch. We also followed it up by lunch and birthday cake at the park. It was hot, but a great afternoon and Teri makes a killer chocolate birthday cake!

We have just under two weeks until our baby girl will be here! The dresser is here and my Mom has finished the bedding. We decided we needed some shelves in there as well, so hopefully that will happen this week. Other than putting away all the pink clothes, we are just about done! I have my pre-op appointment next week with my OB and barring anything unforeseen, Regan will enter the world on July 28th!

We have two more baseball games and Connor are I are trying to do some fun things together before the baby is born! Just in case we missed anybody with our mass email announcement- we have opened another email account so we could combine our address books, it is just temporary, but it will be used when we make our baby announcement. It is

Have a good week!

See ya, Melinda

Friday, July 11, 2008

Still here...

I have gotten a few emails in the last week checking in on me, which is very sweet thank you! I guess people that I actually know are reading our blog! And for that I thank you too! So here's an update! I am doing ok, had a slight scare a few weeks ago, began having contractions so the doctor advised me to head into the hospital. I swore I would make it through this pregnancy without over-reacting to little things, but since I had never really had a contraction during Connor's pregnancy they didn't want to take any chances. They hooked me up to the monitors and everything is fine. I was just doing way too much and was dehydrated as well. Me- dehydrated? I live with a water bottle attached to me- apparently I have to drink the water too! ;-) They sent me home two hours later and all has been well since then. They baby is doing fine, although she has decided to follow her brother's lead and has been breech most of the time. Of course Connor didn't flip around until about 10 days before his due date and this one has maintained her location.

I have about 2 weeks left and it is HOT! Thank God for AC! Of course I really am scared to see our power bill in the next month! Oh I am sorry Mother Earth, I am not being a very good steward right now!

The house is mostly pristine, aside from the dog hair. And we have almost finished the nursery, the dresser is going to be delivered today and then we will put it all together. I am glad I didn't go with the completely pink room, which I know has surprised most people. I think it will look good.

Connor is doing well, he has three more baseball games left and got to have a sleepover last night at his Gus's house (that would be what he calls my Mom). He loves going over there because the cul-de-sac they live on has little kids in EVERY house, unlike our boring street. So he always has a good time. We go to school registration July 23rd and he has already started the great bedtime "moveback"- does that even make sense? Well, Connor has always been on the same sleep schedule that I have been on since he was born. He basically goes to bed at 10:30 and gets up around 8:30, which I know most people are appalled at, but it has worked amazingly for us. He has always had afternoon school, so we weren't cutting into anytime there and he is able to spend more time with Daddy because of it. Anyway, next year he will start first grade and has to be up at 7:30, so we are slowly moving him back in bedtime. Fortunately he has always been a good sleeper, so it isn't too difficult to change times on him. And I think with two children to deal with in the morning, I will need to hour and half to get everyone moving and Connor to school by nine.

Other than that, life has been going along as it should. I will try and not worry anyone in the future and post more regularly! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

See ya, Melinda