Friday, July 11, 2008

Still here...

I have gotten a few emails in the last week checking in on me, which is very sweet thank you! I guess people that I actually know are reading our blog! And for that I thank you too! So here's an update! I am doing ok, had a slight scare a few weeks ago, began having contractions so the doctor advised me to head into the hospital. I swore I would make it through this pregnancy without over-reacting to little things, but since I had never really had a contraction during Connor's pregnancy they didn't want to take any chances. They hooked me up to the monitors and everything is fine. I was just doing way too much and was dehydrated as well. Me- dehydrated? I live with a water bottle attached to me- apparently I have to drink the water too! ;-) They sent me home two hours later and all has been well since then. They baby is doing fine, although she has decided to follow her brother's lead and has been breech most of the time. Of course Connor didn't flip around until about 10 days before his due date and this one has maintained her location.

I have about 2 weeks left and it is HOT! Thank God for AC! Of course I really am scared to see our power bill in the next month! Oh I am sorry Mother Earth, I am not being a very good steward right now!

The house is mostly pristine, aside from the dog hair. And we have almost finished the nursery, the dresser is going to be delivered today and then we will put it all together. I am glad I didn't go with the completely pink room, which I know has surprised most people. I think it will look good.

Connor is doing well, he has three more baseball games left and got to have a sleepover last night at his Gus's house (that would be what he calls my Mom). He loves going over there because the cul-de-sac they live on has little kids in EVERY house, unlike our boring street. So he always has a good time. We go to school registration July 23rd and he has already started the great bedtime "moveback"- does that even make sense? Well, Connor has always been on the same sleep schedule that I have been on since he was born. He basically goes to bed at 10:30 and gets up around 8:30, which I know most people are appalled at, but it has worked amazingly for us. He has always had afternoon school, so we weren't cutting into anytime there and he is able to spend more time with Daddy because of it. Anyway, next year he will start first grade and has to be up at 7:30, so we are slowly moving him back in bedtime. Fortunately he has always been a good sleeper, so it isn't too difficult to change times on him. And I think with two children to deal with in the morning, I will need to hour and half to get everyone moving and Connor to school by nine.

Other than that, life has been going along as it should. I will try and not worry anyone in the future and post more regularly! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

See ya, Melinda

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