Monday, July 14, 2008

Sibling Class and the firestation...

This past Saturday Connor took a "sibling preparation class" at the hospital where the baby will be born. We thought it would be a good idea since he has really no concept of what having a baby around would be like, but then again what kid does? Anyway, the class was an hour long and had all boys in it. It was also nice to see another couple with a six-year old just now having a second child, apparently we are not the only ones who waited a while!

The class was broken into two parts- the first the teacher the kids how to hold a baby, how to give a bottle and how to swaddle the baby. Connor did very well and seemed to know all the answers (well it was between him and the other 6 year old!). Then we took a kid-friendly tour of the labor and delivery floor. The best part was seeing a newborn through the glass in the nursery! The nurse brought the baby up to the glass so all the kids could see. The main comment was how "red" the baby looked. We also got to see a labor & delivery room and of course I started to feel faint at the sight of it! I am such a wimp when it comes to medical stuff. I mean having dinner at my Mom's house with my sister and brother-in-law (who is a physician) is very disturbing for me. They will actually talk about disgusting medical procedures right there over the chicken! I can barely wipe Connor's nose! Anyway, I made it through that part of the tour, even though I had to stand in the hallway through most of it.

And the end of the class all of the kids were given a surgical cap, gloves and a mask. Which of course Connor LOVED! The teacher told all of the kids to go home and take care of their Moms. Which is exactly what happened! That afternoon Dr. Connor took very good care of me, I had an ultrasound and three surgeries, right there on the couch! And Bill had a brain transplant, although Connor was worried because the new brain appeared to be "itchy". Hopefully that won't impede the man's ability to deal with the millionaires money in the future.

Connor in his surgical gear

On Sunday we were invited to our neighbor, Josh's birthday party. Josh turned 3 and he and Connor get along very well. So it was very sweet of them to invite us as well. Josh's Mom, Teri, had scheduled a tour of the local firestation- which was very cool for Connor. He is so mechanical and has to know how everything works. He loved getting up into the firetruck and touching everything they would let him touch. We also followed it up by lunch and birthday cake at the park. It was hot, but a great afternoon and Teri makes a killer chocolate birthday cake!

We have just under two weeks until our baby girl will be here! The dresser is here and my Mom has finished the bedding. We decided we needed some shelves in there as well, so hopefully that will happen this week. Other than putting away all the pink clothes, we are just about done! I have my pre-op appointment next week with my OB and barring anything unforeseen, Regan will enter the world on July 28th!

We have two more baseball games and Connor are I are trying to do some fun things together before the baby is born! Just in case we missed anybody with our mass email announcement- we have opened another email account so we could combine our address books, it is just temporary, but it will be used when we make our baby announcement. It is

Have a good week!

See ya, Melinda

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