Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer can't be over yet???

I can't believe baseball season is over! Ok well, little league baseball season is over anyway! Last night was Connor's last practice for the season and also the team's pizza party. The team's last game is this Saturday, but I am personally grateful they decided against having the party after the game- not sure I would have made it!

Normally Bill handles practice every week, but he had a work event to attend. A "work" event that just happened to be in a skybox at Coors Field watching the Dodgers pummel our Rockies. Life is rough all over I guess! So as he is sitting in the lap of luxury eating a $10 hot dog, I get to drag my SEVERELY pregnant self to practice in 95 degree heat! Ah, for the love of my son....

After practice the team headed to Cici's Pizza for a party. Which was quite fun I thought- hot, but fun. I got to talk with one of Connor's classmates parents for a while. You know the people you say 'hi' to as you are all picking up your kids, but never manage to ask them their names?? Well, I finally got their names and had a nice time talking with them.

Coaches Joe and Mike handed out trophies to all the kids (yes Mother and Father- TROPHIES just for showing up!). I am not sure if I should take offense or take it as a compliment when Coach Joe said that Connor always took an interesting spin on baseball?? Oh well, my son may not be the next Holliday, but he makes life interesting! Maybe next year we'll try soccer....

Connor with Coach Joe and Coach Mike

Connor and his baseball pal Jack

And on to the topic of the month, for me anyway... I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday and got all of my questions answered. And my sweet doctor appreciated all of those questions too! We are still scheduled for next Monday at 7:15am. The baby has managed to stay breech throughout the pregnancy, guess she wanted to be just like her big brother!

Other than normal house cleaning and packing my hospital stuff, we are ready to go. This week will be low-key since it is still very hot and I have run out of breathing room! Connor has school registration tomorrow and we have been given the GIANT list of school supplies to purchase this year. Saturday is Connor's last game and then Bill, Connor & I will celebrate what we have dubbed "big brother day". We are taking Connor out for arcade games and dinner in celebration of his role in the baby's life. He is very excited- for big brother day anyway. Oh and for the sleepover he gets to have at his Da & Gus' house next week.

My sister will be in town next Wednesday and we are all so excited to see her. She is coming alone this trip, Declan and Bryce will stay in Spokane. She is due November 4th, so I am sure she will appreciate the break. And yes, my birthday is next Friday, if all goes well I will be home just in time to see crow's feet appear right as I turn 35! Hey, at least I met my latest goal which was to have this child BEFORE I turn 35- so it's only 4 days! I think our big celebration will be take-out and midnight feedings!

Anyway, hope you are all staying cool.

See ya, Melinda

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