Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waiting for Regan...

IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!!! I know, less than 24 hours until she is born, but we managed to actually get the baby's room finished!!! Well, almost finished anyway! I figured my Mom had done enough sewing and babysitting this summer, so we are going to wait to finish the curtains. But she did a wonderful job making all of the bedding and the pillows for the rocking chair. Thank God she can sew, other wise I would have had to break down and buy a nursery set. I just could not find anything that really appealed to me! So here it is, Regan's room...

We went with cranberry and white instead of all pink. But she is going to share the Pooh Bear mobile from Connor's nursery.

Big brother is ready to go!

Connor finally has someone sleeping in the room next to him. I feel so good- our house will be almost full! Just leaves the guest room in case anyone wants to use it!

I thought I had gotten a good picture of the dresser, but guess not.

Well, we will see you on the flip side of this pregnancy, when our little girl is finally here! Wish me luck!

See ya, Melinda

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