Thursday, June 19, 2008

Small bone to pick...

Ok I am so incensed by something I read in a parenting magazine today and I think Bill is VERY sick of listening to me rant on, that I am turning to my blogger public to (hopefully) finish my rant!

I read an article today about things the "pros" in your life would want you to know about, people like your doctor, your daycare provider, your babysitter, etc. Most of the things these people said made perfect sense to me, but the one comment by the teacher has made me livid! This person, who did not want to be identified, said that just as parents have preferred teachers, teachers also have preferred families. Which I can understand, we are all human and get along better with some people that we do with others, but the next comment???? Oh please! This teacher said that parents should email their child's teacher at the beginning of the school year asking the teacher to provide the parent with a wish-list of things the parent could provide the teacher with during the school year and that this would help your family become a "preferred family"! So last fall when Connor started kindergarten and I had to pay almost $100 for required school supplies that are no longer covered by our taxes (and the cost goes up every year) I am also supposed to BRIBE his teacher so she does her job and treats my son and my family with respect???? SERIOUSLY???

Ok I recognize that I am a tad hormonal right now, but REALLY??? Now we have to buy things for every teacher our child has so the next child doesn't get penalized for having the same last name??? I am sorry, but I am a little preoccupied with paying for food, gas, clothing and medical bills so my child can LIVE, but now I should pay the teacher off so she/he'll do the job they signed up to do in the first place????

I know that I do not possess the gifts/skills it requires to be a teacher. I am not very patient with my own child and I was constantly amazed at the patience Connor's teachers and therapists have shown, so maybe I am speaking out of turn. So please speak up and tell me I am not wrong here!

See? I feel much better now!


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