Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Season, First Game, Let's play two!

Baseball Ready! Catching Duties

Swings Right, Swings Left

Posted by Billy

I have been told by Connor's Occupational Therapist that he believes Connor is going to be a scientist, mathematician and things like that. I thought he was going to be a baseball player, get into the major leagues, make a boat load of money and help his pops retire-comfortably!

Better laid plans, it is said. Currently, baseball for Connor is a social event, he goofs around, he hits someone with his hat, he laughs while running to first. (there is no laughing in baseball - or is there?). I decided not to coach this year since Melinda is with child and the due date is near.
It has been a treat to see my son play baseball from a different perspective this year. He actually listens to the coaches, enjoys doing the different baseball drills and supports the other players by shouting, what only kids can do, words of confidence and rhyme for the player at bat, "go Hunter go, go Hunter go!"

So, if my son does not make it into the big leagues, I'm okay with that. I have learned the past couple of weeks, that what we are teaching him is paying off. He is respectful, listens and most of all, he is having fun!

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