Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spidey's new friend....

Ok, so it's summer and I am getting more pregnant by the minute and becoming a boring Mom. But my son has an incredible imagination! Today I was very tired and this is what happens when you tell your Mom you are playing in your room, but sneak in to watch tv anyway. He found a channel, Jetix, that shows superhero cartoons, like Power Rangers and of course Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. So as I am waddling to the bathroom (AGAIN) he comes downstairs without saying a word with his shirt pulled over his head making some weird noise. And when I asked him what he was doing, he said nothing except to point his hands at me and make some other weird noise. Finally after walking around for a few minutes making the noise, he stopped and put the shirt back on normally and said "What happened? Who was here?" Turns out he was being Ice Man. Now of course I flashed to Val Kilmer's killer smile in Top Gun, but seriously get real Mom, Ice Man is one of Spiderman's amazing friends. I just thought this whole things was hilarious and totally Connor and had to record it and post it for all to see!
I guess we'll be back to practicing our handwriting today. I never understood why my Mother didn't LOVE having all 4 of us home everyday, all day during the summer? Now I get it.... Thank God Vacation Bible School starts next week!
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