Friday, June 13, 2008

Daddy's birthday and balloons...

Yesterday was Billy's birthday. It was a mellow birthday, we had a BBQ and my parents came over to help us celebrate. But the best part of the day was Connor's pure enthusiasm and joy at making Daddy's party "the best birthday ever!" He had planned it all out, we went and bought food and a cake mix, went to the party store for balloons, got a great cards and an iTunes gift card and lastly made "happy birthday" signs for the house. He even planned out the party, which I am afraid included party games. What adult doesn't want to hit a pinata??? Then we made a chocolate cake, which not only had sprinkles on top, but sprinkles in between the layers as well. It looked like a giant cupcake! We didn't end up playing any party games, but he couldn't wait until the night was over and he could take the balloons down and play with them. They, of course, ended being Spiderman goo and then I think he pretended they had something to do with The Hulk. Whatever it was, it was so cute to watch him play. What a great birthday for Daddy!

On a side note, I am 33 weeks along. And the c-section is scheduled 6 weeks from this coming Monday. Or as Bill says, 45 days and a wake-up! Everything is going along well, except that I have reached the uncomfortable stage. I am not quite to the extremely uncomfortable stage yet, I am sure I will be there in the next two weeks. For now, I am having fun with Connor. Billy and I have almost finished our "to-do list", all that is left is Regan's room. The crib is up and there are clothes and toys all over. Next week we (and when I say "we" I mean Billy) are going to paint and hopefully find a dresser to put all those hundreds of pink clothes in! We are getting excited and a tad bit terrified at the prospect of another child- but hopefully by the time July 28th at 7:15am rolls around we'll be ready!!!!

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