Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Aunt Comes to town....

Another visit from another wonderful person in our lives! Tami was in town for the past two weeks, taking a break from the renovations going on her her home I suspect! We have been friends for almost 30 years! What a wonderful thing to be able to say about a friend. This past Thursday she treated me to a spa day, including a massage, manis and pedis! Then we had a late, long lunch and she came back for a dinner "date" with Connor. It was a wonderful, relaxing and fun day for us.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Tami and the kids and probably a few of me with the kids as well. I miss having her here and can't wait for my trip across the pond to see how the Europeans live it up!

Thanks for the time Tami, it is always, always treasured!

see ya, Melinda

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