Monday, May 18, 2009

Connor becomes a wolf!

Yesterday the Cubscouts had the year end crossover, where the boys move up a level in "rank". So Connor moved up from being a tiger to becoming a wolf. It was fun watching him be inducted by JC Bear an "old trapper" who gave Connor a Native American name (of which I cannot remember) but he called him the white wolf- which fits considering he is a very white boy! He also gave him the title of medicine man, which did concern me a tad- either he will be a doctor or a scientist or he'll be a drug dealer! Let's hope for the former!

It was great to get out for a bit, Connor is recovering from pneumonia and seems to be doing much better and poor Regan is still croupy. But she did well for the short time we were there. And she got to see her "scout Mommy" Ali, who loves to hold her!

So onto to our next year of scouting!

Some of the pictures are a little dark, so just look hard, he's there!

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