Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Estes Park!

This past Saturday we decided to take a family trip up to Estes Park. I hadn't been there since early May and it was a bit cold & windy that day! And Bill had never been there. So after Connor's swim lessons we drove up (by way of Northglenn where the closet Cracker Barrel exists!). We walked around a path near the golf course right off of Lake Estes. The big attraction were the Elk lounging and grazing on the course and this is common practice for the Elk of the town. They get to go more places than my own dogs would be allowed!

We also drove up near the Stanley Hotel, very beautiful, but CREEPYYY!! We also took in the scenery around us, the spectacular mountains and the beautiful wildflowers. All I could think of was how blessed I felt to live in such a beautiful place! We tried to drive into town and park so we could walk around the shops, but it was a weekend and there were many things going on around town. So we decided to go up again on a weekday where we could park and also do a bit of hiking in the park. But it was a nice diversion from the chaos of life as of late for us.

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