Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Well, this was supposed to be my big pictorial debut....not gonna happen. Hopefully most you saw our pictures from most of Halloween in the email I sent. But here are just a few of one of your favorite superheroes.....SUPERMAN! And yes he was superman last year, but after the whole Spiderman 3 movie fiasco back in May, we went with something safer. Although in Target this morning he asked if he could get the "dark spiderman" suit, so who knows. Oh and last night as I was explaining to him that Netflix had a short wait before "SP3" would come to us in the mail, he corrected me on what the difference between his Superman costume was and what his Spiderman "suit" is. Apparently you wear a suit when you are actually becoming that superhero and his Superman costume was just something to wear on Halloween- only his very tired and tattered Spiderman costume is the real deal. He'll even wear a jacket over it, so he can rip it off and spring into action whenever his spidey sense picks up a need.

Connor and Bill went on their longest trick or treating trek yet this year, making it all the way around our very long block. It's was actually 40 degrees- I know that may seem cold- but usually it's about 30 and snowing, so this year was a success.

And also you can post comments on the blog if you'd like, they will be emailed to me so I can respond- you just have to register yourself as a user. I think most of you are familiar with blogs (ahem, Mother...) but just in case. Right now I am in serious amateur mode, so hopefully it will improve!


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