Monday, November 19, 2007

Connor did it!!

Some of you know the fiasco we went through last May when we took Connor (in his Spidey suit) to see Spiderman 3, if not here's the story. SM3 came out in early May and since Connor is OBSESSED with Peter Parker and all things SM, the Easter Bunny brought him a gift certificate to the movies to take Mom & Dad to see SM3. We got to the theater, Connor happily gave his giftcard to the ticket person and we bought our popcorn and headed to the theater. Just inside the theater a look of fear that I have NEVER seen on his face came over him and he screamed he could not see it! Well, never getting to the movies these days I was thrilled to be going, so I was upset that it was not to be. Connor kept saying over and over that he couldn't see it and he would not tell us why. So we tossed the popcorn, got a refund and drove home. Later that day we finally managed to get the whole story out, he was terrified of venom and mostly of the thought of SM turning "dark and bad". At that point we felt horrible, here was our son, so completely enamoured with SM and his true goodness, the very essence that makes him a superhero. Connor couldn't comprehend that his hero would do anything bad.

Later that summer he asked if he could see the movie, I said no- who wanted to go through all that again? I knew he would never change his mind about who SM really is. So he and I looked up SM3 on Netflix and added it to our queue and would wait for it's DVD release. Every week he would ask me when it would be out and we would check. Then in September we found out that it would be released on Oct 30. So we waited. Of course when it was released we had to wait to receive it. We finally got it in the mail last week. Bill and I thought we would surprise Connor on Saturday and pop it in and see if he recognized the music, he did. He slowly came out of my office into the family room and saw that it was on! He then asked if we would turn it down because he didn't want to see it! I turned it down and Bill and I decided to watch it anyway, well Connor finally crept out of the office and sat next to Bill and watched the whole thing. When it was done he declared that it was his favorite movie EVER! AMAZING!!!

He has since watched it 2 more times and now has an entire new line of stories to act out with his dozens of SM dolls, action figures and legos. He has taken an afghan my Grandmother gave us before our wedding and it has become the "goo" that drips onto Peter and later Peter has to gloriously rip off when he realizes he is not meant to have that much power. At the end of course, he wins realizes he is meant to be a superhero and he wins back the fair MJ. But the best part of the movie was watching the pure joy on my son's face when he saw his hero turn back to what he truly knows in his heart, goodness. And that is what Peter and Connor will always know.

Sorry if you actually haven't seen the movie and if I ruined it for you. But I had to share this story, heroes are heroes and I am glad my son knows that it isn't about being bad and gunning down people because you can, but because you always have a choice about who you will be or become and at least for now, my sweet-hearted boy will choose to be good.

My last thought, I have had a difficult fall, moods have been all over the place and have been through a lot of things. But as we approach Thanksgiving I would like you all to know how grateful I am for you all. Whether I show it or not- it helps having all my friends and family there and knowing you care.

Happy thanksgiving and enjoy that triptophan induced sleep we will all be getting this Thursday!


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