Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Connor dutifully peeling sweet potatoes!

Connor and his pumpkin pie!
After the sweet potatoes were boiled and mashed..
Yes, this is actually a picture of ME and Connor!
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So we made it to Thanksgiving and I had planned to make a few things for our traditional dinner at Mom and Dad's. But for some reason at 3:30pm on Wednesday Connor and I decided to go back the store and get the ingredients for pumpkin pie- now I have NEVER made a pumpkin pie so we first logged onto Cooking Light's website (lots of great ideas by the way) and I found an easy recipe. And off we dashed to the store! I had to circle the parking lot twice before finding a spot and thankfully we only had a few things to buy because it was packed cart to cart in the store.
Back home, Connor peeled the sweet potatoes, I chopped and we made a sweet potato casserole for Billy. Then we started on the pie, Connor is such a good helper, he added the eggs and mix the pumpkin in and even "fluted" the edges of the pie dough! It turned out perfect! We also managed to throw together a spinach artichoke dip as well.
Thanksgiving was fun at Mom and Dad's, my whole family was there as well as my future sister-in-law Kristen- she is going to fit in perfectly with our family! Connor and his cousin, Declan played ALL over the house and had a wonderful time.
And I know some of you (Molly) will be happy to see the picture of Connor and me, since I never take pictures these days.... hopefully we'll get another one for Christmas- but don't push it!! ;-)
It is freezing here and it is actually snowing, great way to begin the holiday season!
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Tamara said...

Nice picture of you and Connor!!

Brandy said...

You did great on the pumpkin pie! It's the only pie I make and I just made one recently but it was "different". I mistakely bought a graham cracker crust - ummm, can you say chemo brain?! :)

Finally, a picture of you!! :) You look beautiful! We need to see more pics of you and Connor.

Love you!