Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guess what? We have a new addition!

Ok, so he came in a box, from England. And only Connor really wanted him. Yes, we now have a singing Spiderman thanks to Connor's (former) Aunt Tami.... Funny story actually, Thursday Connor had stayed home from school, nothing serious, just his monthly fever. He normally spends time trolling the internet for anything Spiderman and has his own folder where he has the Hasbro site bookmarked. That day he brought us into the office to show us this GREAT toy he wanted, a singing Spiderman! And of course we saw all that it did (you know how LOUD and ANNOYING it was) and did the whole "well we'll have to see what Santa says", the line every parent leans on to get out of buying anything in the 2-3 months prior to Christmas.

So Friday we get a knock at the door from the UPS man (or woman) and there was a box for Connor, a belated birthday from his (former) Aunt Tami and her clan in the UK. Connor of course was elated and I though it was quite cute the first time through the 3 songs it sings. However now, Spidey comes with and tends to sing unwantedly. The one cool thing about it is that it came with a microphone for Connor, not a real one, just the kind you sing into and the sound echoes out. Very cool for trying to relive your '80's hair band days or getting the dogs to sit.

At about 8:30 Friday night in the middle of little Spidey's rendition or "Heads, Shoulder, Knees and Webs", Bill asked what Tami's phone number was. Since it was 3am in Doncaster, I thought maybe it would be a little mean to call and wake her up, he didn't. But I managed to persuade him from calling her at that point. All we have to say to Tami and Graham, "payback is coming", oh yes it is.....

See ya on the flip side, Melinda & Billy

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Tamara said...

Ahhh...what's a (former)Aunt for? Payback? What's your best shot? (be gentle...haha!)