Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Graduate...

Get the song?? Ok, not exactly the most direct connection, but it is from "The Graduate". Anyhoo, Connor baby is no longer Connor baby, he is now a first-grader! Wednesday he finished his kindergarten career and will now move up from half day school to ALL day EVERY day next fall.

The graduation began at 10 and the gym doors were open at 9:45, when Bill & I got there at 9:40 there was a line all the way to the parking lot to get in! There were probably 250+ parents and family members to watch the class of 2020 graduate from the first year in elementary school. It was crowded and hot, but as always we sat in awe as our little man participated! They sang songs each of the 4 classes received their diplomas and were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, Mr. Cubs answered, "a baseball player"- very cool. Of course the best answer was one little boy who said he wanted to be a Jedi, I bet his Dad was beaming!

And of course I got misty while watching him walk up the aisle and stand with his classmates. He has achieved so much since I sat in the little room at Children's Hospital 3 1/2 years ago and the psychologist told me he had Autism and would need different types of therapy just to keep up with other "typical" children. And I really wish the other crackpot doctor that told me when he was four that he should be put into a school exclusively for children with Autism could have seen what Connor has achieved and maintained. We have trusted many professionals, but the people I am glad we trusted the most is ourselves. We are his parents and we know exactly what amazing things this child has and will accomplish. As his OT has told us, he will be watching Connor and will buy stock in whatever it is that he invents, because it will go far!

Ok enough of the gushing Mommy, currently my genius is watching America's Funniest Videos. I am sure he trying to figure out how the ski off the roof....

Here comes our boy!

His official moment

And now we have grown bored & are using the diploma as a telescope

The butterflies they watched change in class

Connor and his teacher Mrs. Washington
See ya, Melinda

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