Monday, March 3, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Yep, we found out today that we are definitely having a girl! Since I have been having more ultrasounds that probably 10 women and since I am ALMOST of "advanced maternal age" we found out at 18 weeks that all my hunches (and everyone else's) were right!!!!

I have been seeing a high-risk OB due to my "almost" old age along with my regular OB and I went in today to have an ultrasound done so they could make sure SHE was doing ok. And she is! I am officially 18 weeks and 0 days and the baby is measuring along perfectly. All the anatomy looks good, although it took them a bit longer to see the mouth since she likes to hide and play games! Fortunately Bill was able to come with me, as was Connor since he was off from school today, which was so GREAT to have them both there when they told us. And I did know someone who was told she was having a girl and ended up having a boy, but both techs were positive and used the word "definitely" several times. Even though I was pretty sure it was a girl, I was still overjoyed when they told us!! SO GREAT!!!!

So now we will begin the task of ridding our basement and Connor's closet of 6 years worth of boy clothes! Seriously if anyone needs or wants some boy clothes from birth to 6 years- we've got them!! I did not throw anything away- yet! And since we are living in a house now instead of an apartment like when Connor was born, we get to paint our nursery!

It has been a WONDERFUL day! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

Love to you all,
Melinda, Bill and Connor the BIG brother!


Adam Kellogg said...

Congratulations, guys (and girls)! Has Connor recommended the name Mary Jane yet?

We're so happy for you!

Adam, Heather, Addison, and Colin

Kristen said...


Best wishes from Uncle Dave and Aunt Kristen (almost an Aunt)

Brandy said...

CONGRATS!!!! Yay, a little Pi Phi angel on the way! ;-)

Wishing the rest of your pregnancy to be uneventful.

Much love,