Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Goal

Ok, so here's my new goal inspired by Molly and Brandy who are so great about updating their blogs, I am going to update and add pictures on a regular basis. I love hearing about their lives and seeing pictures of their beautiful kids, so I figure maybe I'd better get to it.

I just heard from my OB, I had the quad screen blood tests done last week and got the results today. They were completely normal. The blood tests were to determine a chance of abnormalities in the baby. I think they can tell up to 80%, but I think this last ultrasound we had done by the high-risk office is the last test of these types. But I can never be sure.

So things are going along well. Except that the mechanic has had my Durango for 2 days after my brothers looked at it and NO ONE can seem to hear the very loud clanging noise I heard. So I guess as of now, there is nothing wrong, until of course I pick it up and drive it home, I give it a half mile before I hear it again.

Talk to you soon,

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