Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter and other things...

Happy belated Easter! We have had a lot going on the past few weeks, some good, some very difficult. We had a nice Easter weekend, low key which is nice. Last Friday, Bill and I took Connor to see "Horton Hears A Who" which was SO good! He really loved it. Now he is always looking out for "talking specks". Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and Sunday he had an Easter Egg hunt, indoors of course due to the inch of snow that fell the night before- ahh spring in Colorado- it's 70 degrees today! Then that afternoon we went up to my Mom and Dad's for Easter Lunch. Both my brothers, Christopher and Dave were there along with Dave's fiancee, Kristen. And my sister, Emily and her husband Bryce and my nephew Declan and of course my Grandma as well. We had a great time, the boys played and played. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday with his ever favorite gift of Rockies season tickets! Then that evening after Connor begged us to let him go and play whatever "war" game his Uncles were playing on their XBox, we dragged up from the basement my old Nintendo (circa 1996) and he has spent the last 3 days perfecting Mario Cart.

Our difficult news came with the passing of Bill's older brother, Jim Howard. Bill and Jim were very close and Jim contributed greatly to the wonderful man I married. Jim had been battling colon cancer for several years. Bill had been planning to go out and visit on March 14th and his niece Amy called on the 12th to let him know that Jim would be in home hospice care that day. So he left for Chicago the next day and was there when Jim passed away on March 13th. Connor and I were not able to go, but Bill told us how much love filled the room as Jim's spirit passed on. I had only known him for 8 years, but he made a huge impact on my life and I know he was greatly loved by many, many people. We will miss our beloved Uncle Jimmy....

I had my 21 week ultrasound on Monday and they could see parts of the heart they couldn't see previously and we are still having a little girl and she is measuring perfectly. My c-section surgery has been scheduled for July 28th and 7:15am, which means we have to be there at 5:15am! Fortunately I am delivering at the hospital down the road from our home, Connor was delivered all the way downtown and this way I might let Bill go home and get some sleep in a real bed. We have decided on a name, Regan Jamie-Marie, Marie is my middle name and Bill's late brother was named James. It will be an incredible honor for our daughter to share his name.

And the last bit of news in this roller coaster blog is GREAT! My sister Emily is pregnant with her second child!!! She is 7 weeks so far and unlike with her son, could not wait to tell everyone. She and Bryce had almost the same fertility issues that we have had this second time around, so this is fabulous news for our whole family! I am not sure my Mother will know what to do with two grandchildren born 3 1/2 months apart. Of course it will be a little easier than Em & I getting married 2 months apart!

Hope your spring is as warm and happy!

Melinda, Bill, Connor & Regan-to-be

and of course Chase & Abby

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