Saturday, April 5, 2008

Deep thoughts...

I was just thinking about relationships and all the people that we encounter on a daily basis and what they do mean and maybe what you need to take the time to realize what they should mean.

We live in Highlands Ranch, just 20 minutes south of Denver, and my parents live about 10 minutes away and both brothers are close, geographically, and my sister is about 30 minutes north. But we're all here, for now. But I feel very cut off most of the time, my friends live everywhere it seems. I have friends that live close by, but most that played a huge part in who I have become live far away and sometimes it sucks. I was never good at saying goodbye the "right way" and I get so upset about being apart from people that I just leave and that is that.

And I don't stay in touch sometimes, because it just reminds me of what was and what will never be again. Sometimes you have no idea what amazing experience you are in and what fantastic people you are near, until it's over. Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband, my son and my dogs and I am thrilled about having a new daughter in a few months. But lately I have had a lot of things that seem to snap me back into all those people and places that can make me miss who I was.

We all grow-up, we all change, we all make HUGE mistakes and we all make great accomplishments, I just don't think we should be so quick to pat ourselves on the back and maybe take a second to turn around and see where it is we came from and who it was by our sides that got us there. I miss you guys.

That it's for now. See ya, Melinda

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Tamara said...

Miss you too, Mel....