Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Mommy and Regan...

This past Saturday my good friends Kayla & Susie threw a FABULOUS baby shower for me (ok and Bill) at The Brown Palace Hotel downtown. Most of my (in state) friends and family were able to come and it was so beautiful! Now if you've never been to Denver or have been, but haven't heard of The Brown Palace, it is a Denver institution. It is over a hundred years old and was built during the gold and silver boom. Molly Brown stayed there for a period of time (you might remember her from 'Titanic'). Anyway, it is a spectacular sight and they hold high tea everyday, so the shower was done at high tea.

There were about ten of us, including my Mom, my sister Emily, my Grandma, my future sister-in-law Kristen, my best friend in town from the UK Tami and her Mom Fritz, a family friend Karen and of course the hosts Kayla and Susie. We had tea and finger sandwiches, scones with devonshire cream and chocolates! It was so much fun!

We got such wonderful gifts, pretty little girl clothes, books, diaper bags, a high chair and the ever functional diaper champ! I had such a great time and am so very grateful to Kayla and Susie for all the work they did. Regan is coming into one very loved world of family and friends! Below are some pictures from the afternoon. I would be the pregnant one in purple!

Thanks again girls!


Kristen, me and Tami
Mom and Grandma
Susie and Kayla
Em, Me, Kristen, Mom & Grandma
Me and Tami
Yea presents!
Kayla and the blanket her Mom knitted
Mom and very good friend Karen

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Brandy said...

You are beautiful! I have a package that was supposed to get there before Saturday, but it's on its way. I was there in spirit and I'm so glad to know you had a lovely time.

Love you!!