Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time off for good behavior

Connor told us the other day that he is seeing "medium". Does anyone know what that means? I've heard of seeing in black and white, in living color, seeing one way and another, seeing red and seeing blue and seeing eye dogs, but I never have heard of seeing "medium".

Fatherhood. I wonder why God waited so long to see me to this point? Most likely, I wasn't ready to be a Dad in my younger years. Who knows? However, I've learned more about our Heavenly Father through my experiences with Connor. Especially, all the times I have to say, "no", or to correct him. I don't find pleasure in doing it, but I know it is for his benefit. The other part is teaching him about baseball (the patient discipline I need to show him how to hold a bat and what is involved in a batters stance for the hundredth time), Mostly though, it is the times of closeness. When he shadows my every move, whether it be crawling underneath a car with me or picking up the dog mess in the backyard. I call it "palin" around. Do you think God gets any joy when we want to pal around with Him? Duplicate what He does?

If Melinda didn't tell you I'm 95% Irish and 5% Theologian. I also started a side blog titled, The Importance of Theology and other ramblings from a closet theologian.

Anyway, I told Melinda that I didn't want to post anything on the blog, because I had a sense it belonged more to her. But, alas, she is my wife and since she gave me a funny look at what I said about it was "her blog", I figure now it is share and share alike.

I will try and not add my music to her play list though. (Well, may be I'll sneak some John Denver on it with Rocky Mountain High, I think its fitting).

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