Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There is light at the end of the winter!

This past week fans looked up from their hot chocolate and realized baseball had begun again! And even though the 2007 NL Champs had a rough start, Connor was so happy and actually WATCHED a game, well most of it. Saturday he and Bill worked on his batting and throwing. Throwing, the child has no problem with. Probably all those hours spent in OT with his faithful therpist Kevin has really built up those little biceps! But batting is another story, he can't decide if he wants to bat left or right, Bill keeps trying to get him to bat right, but don't players get more batting left? What do I know....

And since I seem to have more trouble than most adding pictures from Picasa to our blog, I'll add more later. Is it only me that has trouble?? I seem to either forget how to do it or it really doesn't like me. But I am pregnant and blonde- double brain handicap!

I know this may end my marriage, but isn't this a cute picture?
Connor has soaked up baseball and is now working on his swing
Would it really be a blog without these two?
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Brandy said...

Sorry, Winter's been LONG gone down here in these parts... :P

And want to hear my blonde moment (yeah, I'm not even a blonde!) - wondering where in the hell is that music coming from?! Is this a Divine Intervention? KSBJ's wesbite is in and out and I've been trying to listen online this afternoon (I need my Christian music!), nothing until I got to your site...A MIRACLE! Oh, no...wait...that's just Mel getting tunes on her blog. ROFLOL!!

Miss ya!!

p.s. who the heck do you know all over the world? You blog whore! ;-)