Friday, April 18, 2008

Green Eggs and Teeth!

Connor has been pretty sick this week. He doesn't come from those who have great lungs and got croup pretty easily as a baby. So it shouldn't have shocked me too much when he suddenly developed a bad case of bronchitis Tuesday, but it did. No parent likes to see their child sick. But he is a trooper! I dragged him to the doctor Thursday very early and he made it through two neubulizer treatments and after two days of doing them at hoome he seems better.

So Thursday night he HAD to have green eggs and ham! Well, we didn't have any ham and so he had green eggs and normal toast. I made them for him (completely repulsed- no one should eat green eggs) and he was so happy and ate every bite! Oh the small things that thrill children to no end!

Then Friday he lost his fifth tooth! So now he has no front teeth, too bad it isn't Christmas! So he looks a little funny, but he is still his cute self!


The toothless wonder!
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