Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Connor, Regan and other things...

So I am going to try and cram a few things into one blog with the fewest words possible. Mostly because Punky has decided NOT to nap this morning and I managed to use her baby papazan (and it's soooothing music and vibrations) to keep her occupied long enough for me to get some work done. You know people really don't appreciate calling for help with their insurance and getting a screaming baby in the background at the same time- STRANGE!

We'll start with Connor. Connor lost his 6th tooth Monday at school and then he LOST the tooth. I guess it fell out during gym class and they put it in a box, which of course he stuck in his pocket and took out to recess and lost it. So he named the tooth "toothy" and during writing time- he wrote the tooth fairy a letter letting her know that "toothy" had been lost. Now, in July Connor was snooping through my dresser and came upon all the teeth I had saved and asked me if I had stolen them from the tooth fairy- so I had to explain the truth (which totally sucked by the way) and he no longer believes in the tooth fairy. I just Thank God he didn't ask about any of the other big ones! But he was ok with it after I told him he would still get the tooth ransom the tooth fairy left!

Connor's 7th birthday is Sunday- yes he will be SEVEN! I am just as shocked as you are! We are going to meet the fam at Red Robin for lunch. Then in a few weeks he is having a movie and pizza party with a few of his friends.

He and Bill went to the Rockies game on Sept 6th together. They only stayed a few innings, but Connor got to ride the lightrail and have popcorn and hot dog. Plus my Dad's seats are right behind left field, so he got to see his fav player Matt Holliday. And I guess Matt chews and spits so many sunflower seeds that you can see them all over the grass from your seat! Very gross. How would you like to be the left fielder from the other team that had to make a diving play in his chewed up seeds??? Here are some shots from the game!

I swear he was happier than he actually looks right now!

Matt's, uh..... and his seeds

And now a few words about little Punky aka Regan! She is 7 weeks now and is making it through the night with only one feeding and will go right back to sleep. We are also beginning to move her from the bassinet in our room to her crib in her room. So far it's working- she just looks so tiny in that big crib! But we only have the cover to the bassinet for a few more weeks, so it's time to make the move. My Mom made the cover when Connor was born and then my sister used it for my nephew Declan and now Punky. My sister is scheduled for her c-section on Nov 4th, so it needs to be packed up with a few other things and shipped to the Northwest for Baby G to use. Kind of cool that all of our kids have used a few of the same things.

We also went to see the ortho on Monday to check on her arm. They did another xray and the bright white dot on the xray is now gone, but there is still a bump where the break has healed and it will smooth out over the next year. As far as the damage in her lunar nerve in her wrist, that also seems to be improving. Her hand works fine and she is moving her right arm as much as the left. But we won't know completely until she begins to reach and hold onto objects and begins to crawl.

Here are some cute shots of her. The first are of her hair right after a bath. It kind of goes into a mohawk, so I did that and it stayed that way for a few days! So probably won't do that again. I don't think Bill is pleased with that look. But as you can see it is a little curly and it is really turning strawberry blonde, which is very pretty. Even her eyelashes are that color!

Regan and Daddy...

I have the same pictures of Connor sleeping this way on Bill's leg, must be comfy!

Sleeping in Mommy's office after a hard night

In her new activity gym. I am going overboard on the pink I know. See why I didn't do her room in pink? She would be drowning in it!

She's just so cute...

Big bro and little sis!

Well, I have other things that are going on, but I think that is all I can force you to read about my two beautiful children for now. Punky has FINALLY fallen asleep, so I think I will leave her to sleep and go handle the barking duo out back!

See ya, Melinda

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