Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two small little brags...

Ok, first I must explain that I have been having a rough week and it is only Wednesday!! So I have two small things to brag about. First, Connor, as everyone knows, is in special ed and in a reading group through that. Well every night he brings home reading homework, which consists of a little book he reads to me and a packet of sight words he goes through. So I was noticing that the books he had been bringing home were very easy- we are talking three simple words a page. And he would zip right through them. Since he doesn't read phonetically, he memorizes everything, so he zips through all his sight words too. I was going to mention this to his sped teacher in another week or so. But yesteday he brought home a note in his bag that said she had realized he was not being challenged so she is moving him up- TWO LEVELS UP! I am so proud!!!

And my second little brag has to so with Punky's formula. In the hospital they give the diaper bags with the samples and coupons and all that. And since I cannot breast feed, we take advantage of every coupon they offer. In it were three mail in rebates for $20 discounts, which is a lot for a $25 can. But at about 3 weeks old, we noticed she was having a lot of issues digesting the regular enfamil that we had been feeding her. Like severe pain, she would be rigid screaming because of the gas built up. So we changed from the normal enfamil lipil to the enfamil gentlease, which has the proteins broken down so her little tummy doesn't have to do quite so much work! And it has worked great. No more problems.

Anyway, back to the rebate thing. It said you had to buy 2, 25oz cans (so they showed on the same receipt) send the receipt and the UPC codes off of the cans to them. So I did that. And on Monday I got a letter from enfamil stating I had not sent in the correct items. So I called them and the rep said the rebate was only for the enfamil lipil, not the enfamil gentlease! Naturally I was upset! Why did it matter that it was a different form of enfamil? I was still buying their company's product? I told her how extremely dissappointed I was that I jumped through their hoops and got sent this letter like I was a fool! She agreed and said she would send me a can (meaning the small little sample can) of the gentlease. So that was that I thought. Then today I got an email confirming my delivery from enfamil- of FOUR, 24 oz cans of gentlease for FREE! I know that may seem silly, but at $25 bucks a can- that is $100 worth of free formula which will last us almost 2 months!!!

So there are my brags for the week- boy do I feel better! I am also happy to note that my Texan friend, Brandy and her family are still in their homes (albeit without power) and not on an Ark somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico!

Fill me in if you have good news- I'd LOVE to hear it!

See ya, Melinda

PS If you are wondering about the meaning of this song along with our posts, there is no correlation. I just think everybody needs a little Petty in their day! Also I apologize if there are major spelling errors in this post- for some reason blogger doesn't want to spellcheck for me!

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Brandy said...

WOW, that's an awesome freebie!! Happy Belated Birthday to Connor, I can't believe he's 7 either. :)

Love to everyone,