Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiger Cubs!

Connor is officially a Cub Scout, well he starts with Tiger Cubs, actually he has to earn his Bobcat and then we will be a Tiger! We had our first solo Den meeting last night, with Billy the leader and it went well. I mean how long can you keep the attention of 8 squirmy 6 year olds? Not long. Connor is so excited to be doing this. Hopefully this will be more of his thing than baseball. He loves being outside and building and doing things, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I have other things to report. None political (as all of my friends breathe a collective sigh of relief!) fortunately or unfortunately! But I have spent half the day trying to get Regan to eat (she is SO slow, SO very slow) and the other half trying to get her to try and nap! But we did get almost 6 hours last night- I think it was the 10:30pm bottle that sealed the deal.

But I also had to catch up on the other blogs as well, nice to see what everyone is up to! But now it is time for me to let the dogs out (someone new moved in behind us with yet ANOTHER little yappy dog that just gets Chase all riled up) since they have had their outside time limited due to their boisterous behavior. And then I am off to collect the older child from school.

Anyway, I'll add more later!

Man! Isn't that a good looking boy?

See ya, Melinda

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Tamara said...

Look at Connor all dude-ed up in his scout stuff! How courageous you guys are to take on all those little boys....more power to you!