Thursday, September 25, 2008

Connor turns SEVEN...

This past Sunday was Connor's 7th birthday! First of all I cannot believe I have a seven year old who is quickly losing all of his baby teeth. And now people who look at Punky and ask if she is my first can REALLY gasp when they hear I have an 8 week old AND a seven year old, and no one in between. Which of course leads to the inevitable discussion on the age gap between our children. Some people think he is from my "first" marriage! And I say yes. And so is she.

Anyway, I must first explain that our September has been CRAZY! My Grandma who is almost 88, moved from her apartment into an assisted living facility about 3 weeks ago. Which was a hard decision. Those of you who know her, know that she is very strong New York Irish woman, who has always taken care of herself. But she also is wise knowing when it is time to ask for help and time to move on. I think I get the "time to move on" part from her. So we found a very nice place in Littleton near her church and the senior center she goes too. Seriously, this place is really nice. The plasma tv in the lounge and the cookies and fruit they leave out make me want to move in! So far she is happy and making friends (another strong Cudney trait). But all of us are mostly happy that she is safe and being well cared for.

So for all of September we have all been moving her in and sorting the rest of her belongings left in the apartment. We had planned to have a family party here at our house for Connor. But realized that all of us our exhausted and thought Red Robin might be easier. Plus they would do the "clappy, happy, happy birthday" song he loves! We had a pancake breakfast that morning at our house, note the candle in the pancake, since that is the only type of "cake" he will eat. Then we drove and scouted out some hiking trails near our house for the Tiger Cubs to go on. And lastly we hit Red Robin with the fam. We all had fun and we didn't have to clean up a THING!

The "clappy, happy, happy" singers!

Did I mention we are now into Transformers?

Newly anointed Aunt Kristen gets practice being an Aunt feeding Punky. She did say if she cried at all she was giving her back right away!

Connor and Uncle Dave and Aunt Kristen

October 4th Connor is having his friends over for a SpongeBob movie party. So we'll see how we all fair after 6 first graders eat pizza and popcorn and TRY and watch a movie together!

Oh and since we cannot take our annual trip up to the mountains this year to see the Aspen turning, I took a picture of this gorgeous tree in our neighborhood, to be our "theme" picture up at the top. Punky has to be 6 months old before she can up in altitude! So we'll be up there in the spring!

Happy Fall! See ya, Melinda

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