Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We made it a whole MONTH!

Last Thursday Regan turned one month old. And she is still as beautiful as ever (no bias here!). Even more so without the giant splint weighing her arm down and the ointment and yellow gunk mucking up her eye! She actually looks like a real baby! She is on a good feeding schedule, I know parent-directed feeding is somewhat of a touchy subject for some people, so I won't get into that, but she is doing great and only has been getting up once a night. Hopefully once we reach 10lbs we'll be sleeping the whole way through!

We will go back to the ortho in 2 weeks to check out the nerve damage in her wrist, it seems to us to be improving, but we'll see what the pros say. Bill and I are a little less bleary eyed. He might be more than I because he gets up for that midnight feeding. Of course Regan will not go back to sleep for Daddy, so that is my job. And I have a little nickname for her. Regan is a very grown up name (I am have a hard time with serious names! That is why I call Bill, Billy or William- Bill is too serious!) and I started calling her pumpkin pie in the hospital because she is so yummy! Then it was pumpkin, then punky and now it is just Punk. Also because her hair kind of does a mohawk thing when it is wet. So if I call her Punk, please don't thing I am being mean!

I went back to work yesterday. And when I say back to work, I simply changed the message on my VM and my Dad added my name back on the auto- message people get when they call. And I changed the email address on our Rapid Fax, so all faxes will come to me instead of my Dad. But it was fun, I was trying to speak to a woman yesterday and help her with an issue and there is Regan wailing in the background and Abby whining because Regan's wailing. So much fun to work from home! My office consists of a pack and play for napping and diaper changing in the corner and a Lab and Aussie usually on my feet or right behind my chair. Oh well at least right now I wouldn't have a boss telling me I couldn't work in my Cubs hat and slippers! Or to turn my music down. And I definitely couldn't stop for feedings (mine & Punk's) or to watch Law & Order at noon!

Here are some latest pics. They are cute. Especially the one of my Dad holding holding Regan, he's not a baby kind of guy. And for the first 4 months of Connor's life, he puked on my Dad everytime he held him- never failed!

Da and Punk

Connor being a good big brother and telling his sister all about Spidey!

Connor getting to do some feeding with Daddy's help!

Gotta go change a diaper! Have a good day at work all!

See ya, Melinda

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