Saturday, August 23, 2008

Life Updates & cute pictures...

As you can probably tell from my previous post, I was not getting very much sleep. And I know everyone has been telling me to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I was like a cleaning maniac! I mean I like things cleaned and organized, but I was getting out of control. So Thursday night we gave Regan her 10pm bottle, rocked her to sleep and put her in the bassinet. And Friday morning Bill's alarm goes off as usual at 5:30am and he shakes me to ask me if I had given Regan a bottle in the middle of the night (because my sweet husband usually does it) and I said no! So we ran to the bassinet and saw our sleeping baby (with her standard smirk on her face) breathing away! Bill gets ready for work and leaves and I go back to bed and slept until SEVEN A.M.!!!! Regan slept for over 8 hours and Bill and I actually got some sleep for once- very scary..... So I am feeling much more rested after two nights in a row like that! Maybe I should explain that she doesn't have colic, she was just on the wrong formula and it was giving her tummy distress. Once we switched and have stabolized her metabolism during the day with scheduled feedings, life has gotten much easier!

I did email most people to tell them about Regan getting her splint off this past Monday. And of course being the proud Mommy I am, I took my camera to the doctor's office and took a picture right after it was removed! They did take another x-ray and the break is healed. It is a little gross though, because on the x-ray you can literally see a white dot where the break had healed. And you can feel a bump on her arm where the bone has calcified. The bump will be there for about a year, but as she grows it will absorb into her bones.

There may be some nerve damage in her wrist. The OB had to yank pretty hard to get her out, so it may have pulled on a nerve at the same time. They call it a "dumb waiter" injury because it looks like someone holding their hand behind their back looking for a tip. But I was so excited that her splint was off, I didn't bother to ask any questions! ME!!! No questions. She does go back in a month to look at the nerve injury, but as I have been told numerous times, babies are resilient and she should be just fine. But my sister-in-law Karen, did ask a PT/OT friend of hers about it and it is actually a lunar nerve injury in her wrist and again it should heal fine. After almost a week she already seems better.

The best part (other than the fact that she was no longer injured) was that I could now put on all the cute clothes that I had bought and received as gifts, instead of the icky onesies I had hacked up so she could have clothes to wear with the splint! All of those went right into the trash!

In the doc office right after the "removal"

Our first "real" bath- no cord, no splint!

Look at how cute my arm is!

It's hard work looking this good! ;-)

I couldn't help but take this one, she is no longer the girl with the broken wing!
Well, Connor and I bought Monopoly Jr this afternoon since tonight is game night. And I don't want to miss that at all, so I'll have to do another post with more cute pics and fill you in on our excursion downtown today to see all that is going on for the DNC. Preview- a man told me not to take pictures as the press was entering the arena and Bill saw 5 military helicopters circling the air several times. But it is off to play Monopoly Jr with Connor and Bill. Bill and I don't play the normal Monopoly together very well, we get to mad at each other, but I think this one will not put to much strain on our marriage!
See ya, Melinda

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