Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Grade...

So he made it! Connor started first grade this past Monday and will go all day from 9-4. He will eat lunch there and I know he will learn so very much. His teacher is Mrs. Bittler, who I am glad to see is young and enthusiastic about being with 6 & 7 year olds. And he has a few kids from his kindergarten class in this year's class, but Connor was relieved to know that they will all eat lunch at the same time, so he eats with a couple of his pals from last year.

Bill was still on family leave from Regan's birth, which I was SO thrilled about! I was so very worried about how I was going to handle not getting any sleep and getting Connor and Regan ready, fed, dressed, lunch made and out the door in time. But Monday Bill helped me with all of it! So Connor had a good breakfast, I made him his fav lunch- bologna and cheese with ketchup (don't ask...) cheez-its, apples and juice. And I also included a little Mommy love note on a napkin, which he didn't even see until I pointed it out to him when we picked him up. But he loved it and now it has become my little mission to write him a different one everyday. But to make them interesting, like have a joke or a science fact or some stickers.

Anyway, we got out the door on time and got to school in time for us to find the spot where the older kids line up. Since all the schools are on lockdown, the kids line up on the playground out back and all go in and out of the back doors. Makes ya feel real good about such a safe world- doesn't it??? He got in line with his 30lb backpack full of supplies and the overflow supplies in a plastic bag for him to carry along with his lunchbox. The first day they did let the parents go in and see the where the classroom was and see the kids begin to settle in.

Connor found his desk and let me tell you I have never seen a bigger smile on this child's face until he realized he would get to have his VERY OWN DESK! Then the class gathered in a circle (yes we noticed he is the tallest one!) and began to introduce themselves. I am sure it will be Christmastime before Connor actually listens and remembers everyones name! And off he went, into elementary school!!! I managed to make it all the way back out to the car before I broke down. Thank God Bill was there, because I CRIED! I know I just had a baby, but Connor has been my constant companion since the day he was born. We went everywhere together and now it's time for him to move on.

We picked him up after school and took him out for a celebratory milkshake to hear all about first grade. The best part for Connor? They have TWO recesses! And they had art this week for specials and they are making a watermelon. And Mrs. Bittler has yellow hair like Mommy and Regan's, except with curls. And he ate lunch with Elijah and Tim and they all played "monster" at recess. And if you have to go potty, you don't raise your hand, you put your blue circle on your desk and the teacher lets you go (girls get pink circles). It was a very good day!

Tonight is back to school night and I will actually get to meet Mrs. Bittler face to face and check out the classroom. And since Connor is now in first grade he can join Tiger Scouts! A fact that makes my Father (Mr. Eagle Scout) very pleased. So that was it for the first day of first grade. We have now made it to Thursday. I'll update you on little Miss Regan later on... that is a story in itself!

Connor and the mega supplies!

Goofy brother with his sleepy little sis

Meeting up with old pals!

At his own desk- I swear he WAS smiling!

The class getting to know each other!

I am very proud of you my first grader!

Love, Mommy

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