Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trip to Chicago...sort of

It has been about two weeks since Regan entered the world and Melinda and I thought we should treat ourselves because of all the hard (sleepless) work we have put in so far. We were having a casual conversation and neither of us can remember, but one of us said "wouldn't a Chicago dog sound good about now!" You didn't have to convice me, so we packed up the kids and drove to Chicago's. It is a Chicago style, Vienna Beef, eatery here in Denver. Believe me, we do not get good beefs or dogs around here, so this place is a real treat.

The owner use to live in Chicago and started with a hot dog cart. He had a restaurant in Chicago after his success with the cart and retired in Colorado. His family came with him and since they could not find a good beef joint, they went back into the family business.

We take a trip up there, just west of Denver about twenty miles, about four times a year. I know for you Chicago homies, a place like this is on every corner. It has mucho Chicago memorbilia and flat screen TV's that show the sports teams and other interesting Chicago stuff.

So, I'm a sentimental beefaholic. It is the one day Melinda looks the other way and let's me bask in a combo, Italian Beef with an Italian Sausage and a glass of water, no coke. The price is reasonable and the sandwich is big, I'll admit I'm full about half way, but I proceed to take a deep breath and inhale the rest.

I don't know what it is about food and places, sort of God's memory box for us I guess. Makes me think back to some good ol' days and now I can share them with my children, although Connor got a PB&J. However, Connor enjoys it there, he likes the Blues Brothers and he'll, with no solicitation from me, put the movie in the DVD player and we'll watch the movie, he likes to skip and go the singing parts and the crash sceens.

At any rate, enjoy if you can, "this beef's for you!"

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