Monday, August 4, 2008

One week old!

Well we have made it through the first week! And we are all still around to tell you about it. Regan is doing wonderfully. We had one teeny-tiny scare Saturday evening, her splint slid right off her little arm, mostly because the swelling has gone down, which is good, but we freaked! So our PCP told us to take her to the ER and they were able to re-wrap it for us, which we watched very closely in case we needed to do again ourselves. The doc also felt the break site and felt some calcifying already, which is really good. Tomorrow we go to the orthopedist and they will do another x-ray to see how it is healing and hopefully be able to determine how much longer she will need the splint. I have gotten creative with her clothes. She has a few little dresses that are sleeveless and they slip right over the splint, but I had to take some onesies and cut the right sleeve open so it slip right over her shoulder and be pinned. But we only have a few more weeks and then it is on to all those cute clothes!

Other than that small drama, life is good. We get up two times a night for feedings, but all in all she is a good eater and sleeper. Connor is enjoying being a big brother and so far we haven't had any jealousy issues. The one that is surprising me is Abby, or "Reverend Mother" as we call her (get it? Nuns live in an Abby?) she has been so attentive to Regan and will sit by her bassinet or peek through the netting of the pack and play to see how she is doing. She also lets us know if Regan makes even one peep! I was so worried how Abby would act around Regan, but it is like her mothering instinct just kicked right in. Whereas Chase could seriously care less.

My sister left to go home today. It was so great to have her here and spend time with her. I almost forgot how much I love being around her. Amazing how the person you fought over socks with in high school can turn into your best friend as an adult! She is such a great Aunt and loves Connor and now Regan so much. Her baby is due November 4th, hopefully I will be able to go and see her soon after that.

I am doing ok. I did have to go back to my OB today because I was in a bit more pain than I had been in before. My incision was burning on the right side and it is very bruised there as well. Turns out that it the side they really had to pull and retract in order to get Regan out correctly. So the nerves are just very sore and raw. And I also was officially told I was doing way too much. So I guess I need to listen and take it easy. It's just hard! I have this beautiful baby girl and I am DYING to show her off!! There will be time for that....

Ok, here is the mean Mommy- but I just had to take a picture in this cute little sundress!

This is for my sister, who did not appreciate the other picture I posted of her on the blog. So here you go Em, the whole blogging world will see how cute you really are!!

Well, time for a nap!

See ya, Mel

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