Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two more weeks..

Just a quick update about Regan's broken wing. We saw the orthopedist yesterday- what an ordeal that was! Apparently they have two offices, one in Lone Tree near our home and the other way out in BFE! So naturally when we got to the closer office where I thought out appointment was, they told us we had to drive over to the other office where our appointment actually was. After getting there 20 minutes late and getting the stink eye from the receptionist and filling out a medical history for an 8 day old child, the doc sees us and tells we have to get another x-ray. So we leave all of our stuff in the office and I carry Regan down a floor while managing to give her a bottle at the same time, to where they perform x-rays. And after explaining to the receptionist there that she really did break her arm and not her collarbone (which no one can seem to believe) she tells us there isn't an x-ray tech available to come to that office. SO we have to go down another floor to the ER and have them take the x-ray. After explaining to the techs in the ER that yes she broke her arm, they take the x-ray and we go back up 3 floors to the doc office where he tells us in 2 minutes that the break is aligned and healing and she should be out of the splint in two more weeks. Two hours later we get to leave. But the good news is that is healing properly and Bill and I have become pros and re-wrapping the splint and dressing her so the arm isn't even disturbed!!

That's it for our day!
See ya, Melinda
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