Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why can't we mainline caffeine???

I am so very tired, I mean realllllyy tired. Actually so tired I can't quite figure out why I am sitting here typing to you all?? I just wish someone could hook me up to an IV and just pour pure caffeine right into my body. But I guess I will have to deal with getting it the old-fashoined way.

So anyway, last night we went to the orientation meeting for Cub Scouts at Connor's school. It was acutally quite moving to see the color guard begin the pack meeting. Just thinking that my Grandpa was a scout, so was my Dad, both brothers and now Connor will be too. So I got a little teary at that. And after they handed out awards for scouts who completed projects over the summer, the new parents split up and the kids watched a mad scientist do her thing. So we are sitting and listening to the leaders talk about the process and how we all begin and that we need a place for the first grade den to meet for the first time- when I hear my husband pipe up and offer our house!!!! FOR NEXT WEEK! We just had a baby 3 weeks ago! But this is really God hitting me on the head saying "you wanted to get involved this school year remember?". Careful what you wish for.... All the parents getting involved seem so nice and have offered to help with snacks and one woman offered to hold my Sweet Regan during the meeting. What a trooper! ;-) So here we are doing Cub Scouts, which I know thrills my Dad to no end. He is the original tree hugger as we all know!

In other news, Chase has come back home. Well, I think I am officially SO tired now that I might be able to take a nap. Maybe I will watch the re-run of "The Practice" and fall asleep. Who wouldn't want to watch Dylan McDermott as they are drifting off?

The rest of you... stay awake,

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Katie Nellis said...

Hi Melinda and Bill!! It was great meeting Regan today - congratulations on your little girl and awesome big brother. :) Katie

Check out "The Nellis News" at www.katieandchuck.com :)