Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have a friend from college that told me once that I am so open minded that I am almost close minded. Probably because it drives me crazy when people don't follow the Beatles advice and just "Let It Be"! I have a hard time with a rush to judgement over things and I don't enjoy FOX or MSNBC for that matter- could we just have some journalism without a slant? And it seems the more I come to know about the world's situation and more importantly my place in it. By that I mean, my place in the cause of the world's suffering. I am trying to become conscience of how I effect others. By what I say, do and simply how I live. Too many times I sit filled with regret over something I did or didn't do- I suppose that is good that things bother me. If they didn't I'd probably be in trouble morally!

Everyone should be familiar with my Christian belief system- I don't care who or if you call anyone God, nor do I care what color your skin is, who you sleep with every night or who you choose to love. I believe in Christ and I also believe in people and their ability to do good things no matter how or what belief structure that comes through.

So here is what is bothering me right now. This Sunday my church is voting on whether or not to become a reconciling ministry- which means they will have a welcoming statement inviting believers of all kinds- including homosexuals, transgender, etc. Like I said before- I don't care who you choose to love, in fact for me it's a non-issue. But when I read what the welcoming statement is going to be, it shocked me and that bothers me very deeply. Why would I be shocked? I don't disagree with it and I plan to vote for our church to become a reconciling church, but WHY does it bother me to see it in black and white?

I have read many books over the past year on racism, global and domestic poverty, etc and practically every one says right there in the beginning- you know nothing of this topic so check your ego at the door. So I do and stand back and try to look at something with new eyes and accept what I am being taught. So in all honesty I am checking my ego at the door in this subject and looking at this with Christ's eyes filled with love for all.

So again- why is this bothering me?


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