Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Some good friends and I met for some margaritas and social justice last week- I know odd combination, isn't it? It was a fun and interesting night and I have been pondering over what we discussed and am praying for the adventure we have before us.

We have decided to begin with a book study on "Half the Sky" by Nicolas Kirstoff and Sheryl WuDunn. It is a difficult subject matter, it about horrific situations that girls and woman face in the developing world. And I have begun to read some articles about situations happening in our own country. We really are putting all of ourselves into this "idea" without any clue where it is headed.

So now we enter the arena that scares most people- sitting back, praying and having faith that this is where you are being called to go. But what struck me the most as I was sitting there and watching these 3 beautiful, articulate, intelligent and amazing women talk about our plans was that right at that moment I was sitting in the middle of a prayer that was being answered.

I have always been a social creature, always had lots of friends in different areas. But 10 years ago, when I began my "official" journey with bipolar, married Bill, had Connor and entered Mommyhood- I realized my pool of friends had dwindled to almost zero. And it wasn't until Connor started preschool that I realized how lonely I was! That was 5 years ago... And I prayed and prayed for some friends, ones similar to those I had in high school and college. The kind that always have your back. Who value you based on you and not what you have or look like. But I also realized that I needed some who would challenged me spiritually and be on the same walk with Christ that I am.

And I have met many people and been reconnected with many people, but not like this. It's like I don't even have to say what I am thinking and they just get it. They just get me.

So as I looked up from my notes in the midst of a margarita haze and the laughter and smiles from Erin, Rory and Paula- I realized that God had brought these people into my life and my faith has gotten stronger and stronger.

As we begin our new adventure together and hope to gather more people who would also like to walk with us, I will have that faith that God is leading us to where we are needed the most and where we can make that difference needed.

Thank you my sisters. You have no idea what a huge blessing you have been to my soul. I pray that I can be that for you as well!

Love, Mel

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