Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wait- how many candles are there???

Today's topic could or could not be more lighthearted than yesterday's.....aging. You choose. I have a good friend who is turning 40 in May and she refers to it as "D-Day" and it took a couple of highly potent margaritas for her to realize why she referred to it as D-Day. Isn't tequila grand?

I will be 37 in August and for some reason that number seems very scary. I don't think it has been as scary as 30 for me... I am not sure why, I never really had an "age-goal" or anything like that. Maybe it's because I feel eternally like a 12 year old! When I was in high school I used to ask my Mom if she minded getting older and she said no, she wouldn't mind having her 20 year old body back, but would never trade what she has learned. I suppose she would feel the same way about turning 63 this year.

I would never give up the experiences I have had that have calmed me down A LOT and given me a level of compassion I didn't have before. I have also gained something else very important, a filter! I remember when I was younger thinking it was ok to share my opinion with anyone and everyone, sometimes just for shock value! Then my wise Mother taught me another valuable age-related lesson- not everyone wants to hear your opinion all of the time. Hmmm..... I think there are many people who could use that little kernel of knowledge.

So is age simply a number or is a state of mind? What? At 37 should I begin to look at my mortality? I hope not, considering 4 days prior my daughter will turn 2! So what about you- do you mind getting older? Does it make you feel older to see that number? Do you think you are aging gracefully? Or are you ready for botox?

As for me I still feel like a rock star, which is why I will now go and watch Sesame with Punky....


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