Monday, March 8, 2010

The death of a blog...

So if video killed the radio star, does that mean facebook killed the blogger? In this case, probably yes. But why? My lack of time certainly, but when I look at my posts on FB, I try to fit little blurbs about life into the 300+ characters they allow you- which for me and my constant stream of conscienceness thinking doesn't work very well. And I haven't posted anything to the blog since June of last year! So that is a bit sad...

But me starting back to blogging might be similar to my love/hate relationship with a journal. I start and write for a few months and then it sits next to my bed gathering dust. And I have heard of this 365 project, post a blog or picture once a day- I could try that so, but would I just inevitably fail and embarrass myself? And why do I become embarrassed so easily anyway? I would think after 36 years I would have stopped worrying about what others think.... Not quite so.

So I will try to post something each day- I promise it won't be something boring, like the annoying FB posts that drive me to hide people- there will be no update about my location, what I ate for dinner, how many diapers I have changed or what color my socks are. Really people we don't need to know, nor do we care! And since it is my blog, I can really put any type of political statement on it, which I DON'T do on FB, learned my lesson there when I got sucked into a stupid argument about a "friend's" satirical post of sorts. See all the things we learn while on our journey here in cyber-space?

My thoughts for today: Today is International Women's Day, which I think is huge. The atrocities we inflict on fellow human beings makes me sick. And always leaves me questioning- not why, but how? How did I hit the economic lottery and manage to be born a white girl in white suburbia and was allowed a very good education, good health care, well educated parents who love me dearly? And how is that my children get the same? And how is it that other girls born in this world are not afforded the same opportunity?

My Mother used to read me the book "Girls Can Do Anything" as a child and would lecture my sister and I on the anti-feminist rhetoric in 'Cinderella' or 'Snow White'. She is a bit of a feminist wrapped in a Mom type outfit. My Mom never planned to do it all, but somehow she still managed to. She got a bachelors, married her sweetheart, had 4 children, went back to work, earned her master's degree and has a had a wonderful career as a special ed teacher. I wonder if she ever looks back and says how?

How is most certainly my question. But how has the same answer as why- there isn't one. The only thing we can do is take those questions, put them in our pockets and move to change the world so we won't need to ask those questions.

That's it for now. Happy Monday.

See ya, Melinda

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